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Default Need some help with SMB hack.

I'm kinda new and I just started using a hex editor to edit mario a while ago and I kinda need some help. I got a few questions, so if anyone could answer any of them, I would be greatful! ^^

Whats the offset that determines how high Mario jumps?

Whats the offset that determinds how fast Mario runs?

How would I make some sort of shop to buy things using coins? (I dont think I'll be able to do this, but I thought I'd might as well ask)

How do I make bonuses for beating the level in under a certain amount of time?

I have the fireballs shooting straight. Is there any way to stop them in midair so it's like a sword effect?

How would I make a vertical scrolling level?

How would I add more powerups?

Any answers to my questions would be appreciated.

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