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Default Re: Iraqi group threatens al-Zarqawi

> I am SO SICK of this mid-east crap.

Umm... you realise that this particular group of militants is essentially on the coalition's side? (or as close to it as we're likely to get there)

> Saddam was a threat to the US...we took him out. Done.
> Let's get the hell out and let these idiots kill each other
> off. In 10 years when they're nothing but ruins and they
> beg us for help, then we can get the oil.

And no, he wasn't a threat - or at least, he certainly wasn't a danger of the kind that merited a war. How many times do people need to be told that? And I think you'll have to forgive the disgruntled population of Iraq for not coming round to your way of thinking yet. Yeah, things are getting better for them, but I'd be willing to bet you wouldn't choose to live there just now.

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