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Heh, cool.

I guess if I had that opportunity, I'm not sure which band(s) I'd choose, but I'd probably just go around asking them the true meanings of their lyrics. I'd imagine that would create interesting conversations.

Also, if you think your thread is weird, I submit to you that I just woke up from a dream in which I had to go on a top-secret spy mission to North Korea, for my real-life job (which has nothing to do with spy missions), but it was OK because the log cabin the team of spies met up at was guarded by a dozen Sephiroth clones (in FF7 chibi form), and then on the way back I met the Dallas Cowboys at an airport and got their autographs since they're my wife's favorite football team (I'm not really into football). There were other weird happenings too, but I'm losing the memory fast...Demi Moore was in North Korea for some reason, and got angry at a guy dressed like he was going to a renaissance fair because she thought he shot at her, when in fact it was someone else who had shot at her.

Melatonin really gives me vivid, imaginative dreams.
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