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With the greatest respect - and I mean that, genuinely - I heartily disagree...

I want to be come a ROM hacker. And because I've set my mind to it, that's what I'll do. But until such time as I learn all the stuff I need to - and it will take a lot of time, and effort, all of which I'm not only prepared for but positively looking forward to - then I don't quite see how using other's tools in the meantime changes the path I have personally chosen, or somehow lessens my intentions.

A good tool, such as Lord J's FF3usME, only serves to inspire the would-be ROM hacker. Yes, using it doesn't make you one, but it might just start you off thinking about what you would like to create all for yourself. That also doesn't make you a ROM hacker, but I would argue that if you persue it, then it very much puts you on the path towards being one...

I'm probably being overly semantic here... lol As I said, I mostly agree with you, but I'm just not sure the distinction is quite as black and white as you maintain.
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