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Originally Posted by bolo666 View Post
i try to get this game to work what is it i am doing wrong ? is the game file missing something or the emulator cant handle some rom game ? i try using a mac computer still didnt work can any one please give me a helping hand?

Cal Omega - Game 18.5 (Pixels) ROM for M.A.M.E
Fake6502 isn't a game, it's a CPU emulator meant to be used as the heart of a full computer or game console emulator. but, judging by you mentioning Cal Omega, i think you are a bit lost here. you should just make a new topic for your question. this thread is completely unrelated......

and to Azul Fria, if you'd like you can just add an entry for Fake6502 on this page where it would be easy for folks to find once this news post drops off the front page.
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