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Default Re: The state of emulation when you first visited ZD...

> VSMC had no sound, Pasofami was the only NES emulator to
> play commercial games, and ZD was on geocities.
> Brad "Zophar" Levicoff

Heh...VSMC really brings back memories. Just think, if he had open sourced it back then, we'd still be playing it today! And he'd probably have gotten a ton in donations compared to what he got selling VSMC. ZD has come a long way as's really the only emulation site (sorry) that's kept its usefulness after all these years. I still remember Brad getting mad when I would always host the emulators locally because it used ZD's bandwidth, but hey, it was more convenient for users <img src=smilies/thumb.gif> Looks like they still do it mostly, which is great! Most of the emulator sites go down, but you can always rely on ZD. Swampgas has done a great job keeping it going...even though he apparently let usernames on this board expire <img src=smilies/flipa.gif> Just kidding ya Swampgas...good job. I am surprised and flattered you never changed the board name from "talk of the town" as well!


Alan Lanoie, former ZD cast member
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