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Default Re: The state of emulation when you first visited ZD...

God do I feel old thinking about this...

zSNES did not exist yet, Snes9x was out of development during the time due to Nintendo, RPGe was just finishing up their FF5 patch v0.96, NESticle was the best NES emulator, ZD had just switched to the current layout it has now (albiet there's been changes since then), Demi had his own ROM hacking board (which I used to read after school for pure entertainment - the flame wars were hilarious!), oh hell, you can read more about it</a> if you're still interested at this point. :-)

It's been a long time indeed... I didn't post to the boards until about 2 years after I got involved, under the name Azrael. Now I'm gettting back in due to one of the classes I am taking in grad school: history of electronic games and media. It's definitely interesting to see how it's changed since and in the time I've more or less been dormant. Good post to come back to. :-)

- Carlo (Azrael)

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