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Originally Posted by The Drunken Hacker View Post
But if you think YouTube is purposely slowing down the connection, you're an idiot. If that were the case, the entire Internet would be blown up with complaints. If anything is intentionally throttling the connection it's going to be your ISP but I wouldn't be at all surprised if your network wasn't just completely misconfigured.
This made me lmao. I was almost literaly ROFLMAO. I never said they were doing it on purpose, in fact, It's in my belief you just have an insane urge to communicate with someone like they are a piece of shit on the road. And Good luck with your meteforical 'Internet Blowing up with COMPLAINTS" theory. If Youtube was doing it on purpose and somehow people knew. Even though only 32% of the people who ever go on the internet ever visit youtube.

I laughed even harder when I left my house and passed by a Cox communications center a quarter-a-mile down from my house.

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