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Originally Posted by Isildur View Post
Eek. Shawn has always been one of the nicest guys at ZMD. I think this is just a lot to take in at once if one hasn't had much real exposure to LGBT matters beyond the stuff that gets put on TV. And I probably didn't help matters by chiming in -- it's easy to get defensive if you feel like everyone is getting on your back. I understand why Brad did what he did, but Shawn, I hope you come back with no hard feelings. This place wouldn't be as much fun without you.

And I still am. I was never angry. I wasn't attacking or trying to insult anyone including Brad. This subject was like a logic problem without all the clue to myself. It confused the shit out of me. I have my opinion and it is based on the study I did on google for hours yesterday and I skipped anything that wasn't a medical fact or fact based psychology and I found very little actual information except a description of the operation and that it will make any man appear to be a woman and vice versa with the aid of hormones and that the side effects were minimal unless with men a sensitivity to estogen developed after a few years.

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Also, Isildur...that picture begs for a caption of some kind.
I know those damn leprechauns hid that pot of gold around here some wheres!!!

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