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Originally Posted by shawn View Post
Oh yeah I wasn't mad BTW. I was confused though a bit. Like you said I did find it hard to understand. I like my generation can't categorize the word feel. It has no specific meaning to add to a logical conclusion. I like others over that are over 40 have the problem and privilege of having our hormones slow down/lessen. It does 2 things though, we slow down a bit and we are not controlled by our emotions to such a point and I have had a really high testosterone level for most of my adult life without the anger so it is nice to be more relaxed though I can think very quickly I still find it hard to find the words or how to phrase them the way I intended.
Yeah, I could see that I guess. I'm glad that you're more calm now. Also, Isildur...that picture begs for a caption of some kind.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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