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wow, I used to have everything out as if it were on display, but now I just keep it all in some boxes. I have:

-NES 5 pads, power pad, 2 zappers, about 150 games
-SNES 3 pads, superscope, about 30 games
-3 old school game boys, 1 gameboy pocket, 3 gameboy colors, about 20 games
-sega genesis / cd / master system top attachment, 3 pads, about 30 games (12 of which being sega cd, 4 being master system)
-playstation, 4 pads, sadly no memory cards anymore.. , about 55 games ( last year's dollar bin helped that... couldn't resist)
-2 game boy advances, 1 gba sp, about 11 games
-nintendo 64, 3 pads, 2 rumble paks, 1 controller pak, 2 transfer packs, about 14 games
-sega dreamcast, 4 pads, 4 VMS's, 2 rumble pak things, keyboard, mouse, broadband adaptor, about 25 games
-playstation 2 4 pads (same 4 of ps1 above) 2 memory cards, online adaptor, hard drive, about 20 games
-gamecube... one broken pad, one broken game boy player, 3 memory cards, about 10 games

I just keep my eye open for stuff now, there have been time I almoast buy a saturn but then I decide that $50 or $75 is way too much to be paying in the year 2008.

I used to have an amiga computer I got a long way back... I can't seem to remember what happened to it. I got a packard bell sometime after that though.

Alot of the pre 1996 stuff was handmedowns... after that I was actually aware of the stuff I was buying... instead of getting a large brown paper bag everyonce in a while with random things.
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