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He probably want to edit the scenarios. You could basically make your own map with enough time and free cash, the SNES version had a money cheat. But I forget, can't remember if water was editable beyond to random construction it loaded, its been along time since I played Sim City, not Sim City 2000. And the 2000 Urban Renewal kit allowed you to make your own maps(100%), just not the scenarios.I considered hacking the PC version of SC2000 once so I could change the road graphics and other thing the Urban Renewal kit wouldn't edit but never both as I never finished my Stone Age Brittan tile set for Residential zones.

In any case if you save a map you completed, you should be able to hack all the data to clear every thing but the land and building data. So you can start a map with that info. At which point if you can find the Scenarios map data you could just replace it with your own. At leased the game gives you all the tools to create a custom map in the first place. But I don't know how it stores info.
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