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Default DSx86 v0.11

DSx86 PC (DOS/Windows/Linux) Nintendo DS 04/25/10

A new version of this DOS emulator for the Nintendo DS has been released.

Here's what's new :

DSx86 v0.11 Beta Release Notes

This version has the following major changes:
  • Master of Orion and Electranoid are running in this version.
  • New mouse emulation mode, you can use the touchpad as a direct mouse input with the stylys.
  • Increased EMS memory to 1.5MB.
  • Preliminary EGA 640x200x16 mode support.
  • DOS System File Table handling, which fixes problems with the 4DOS batch file functions.
  • Many problems in log files I have received fixed, more info in my blog post.

Download it here or at
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