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Originally Posted by FleshCage View Post
I know Florida law says that you can shoot someone who poses a threat to your family, or you if they're on your property, and you have the right to shoot and/or kill the intruder. It is just as long as you don't shoot them in the back.

There was someone who was a friend of my friend's parent who said that an intruder fell into their house from a sky light. They fell through and got injured. The intruder then sued the home owner, winning everything they had, including their house.
I would kill a bitch if that happened.
Wow. That sucks...

I heared that in Canada, it is illegal to have a gun unless you are liscenced, keep it in a locked case at home, keep it in the trunk of your car in the locked case only on a specific route on certain days according to your itinerary, and at a shooting gallery. Talk about 2 extremes lol.
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