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Originally Posted by The 9th Sage View Post
It really should have been done with more tact (or differently in the first place) but I think the plan is to hire back people who had content mod positions and still want to have them (by all means, PM me about that). I also apologize to those who's feelings were hurt by it. It really is not anything personal, I swear to you.

But the problem remains: some people will still come only for the title of content manager on ZD, and you'll still end up many inactive content managers (Not saying that all the previous ones were inactive). My two big concerns are:

- The way it has been announced
- Why demote all the staff ?

Not to say bad things about the previous managers, some of 'em were doing a great job, but the problems isn't only who is a manager, but more on the procedure used to hire them.

As for the users ideas, post them in the suggestions board, and see the community's reaction, before denying them. Put them through a vote. Here's the importance on having an odd number of mods/managers.
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