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Interesting. I'll download a few that I already have and compare and see what's what.

The plugin I have for SNES is SNESAmp (I think it uses sneapu.dll), and I *think* the pitch is correct, but again, will have to check. I really thought I did mine in 320 VBR, but it must have been eons ago where I didn't think about it, so sadly most are 128 fixed rate. Also for SNES games, it does make a difference if you use NTSC vs PAL for the conversions. I have both version for Space Megaforce. NTSC is higher pitched/slightly faster, which I like, but PAL is a little slower, lower pitched, which is better if I happen to put it on while taking a nap or something. (Yes, I do often throw on some game music if I can't fall asleep :P Tenchu is a good one for that.)
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