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Hey cool, just what I was looking for!

So... I have tons of SNES, NES, Gameboy, and other game music files. A lot of them I converted ages ago with Winamp to play on my mp3 player. Lately I've been thinking of how many I can still only listen to on my computer, and I fired up Winamp again. Well, suffice to say I currently have 9GB of unedited wav files on my hard drive, and that barely even got partway through my list. I'd be editing these things for the rest of my life!

So, where do the mp3 files you have now originate from? Are you collecting them, or converting them yourself? I had some other site I used a long time ago for good mp3s of some games, but have long since lost it.

My download finger is going to get tired

At some point I will check what I have for mp3s I've converted myself, and if they are better quality than what you have for those particular games I will gladly share them somehow. Any I've done myself were (most likely?) exported with Winamp into 44kHz wav files then converted to mp3s using LAME if I remember correctly (looks like most of my SNES are 128 kbps, and some random newer games are 320 kbps VBR). It's definitely been a while, but I also tagged them with albums, titles, publishers, and years. If I didn't just download them to begin with...

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