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Default Re: Stupid raver fucks

> So I was sitting at the game room at the college I go to,
> chilling with this girl that I really like, and these guys
> come up and sit down on the couches, and talk about the
> fucking rave they're going to, and this girl starts saying
> how she's gonna go and shit.

They did you a favor. Girls that go along to those kinds of things are either weak-minded sheep or "not long-term material." If you're looking for a quick lay, I guess it's not a problem, but you don't strike me as that kind of guy.

I got really disillusioned with the party scene very early on. I love to go out and have fun or socialize with people, but the parties I went to were usually just about alcohol, drugs, and sex. There are parties that aren't like that, but they're few and far between.

I've been in your situation many times. You're sitting there, enjoying a conversation with someone or just chilling and playing video games, cards, etc., when somebody suggests you all go to a frat party. Needless to say, everyone says yes (OMG, can't look lame). If you don't agree to go, you're stuck by yourself for the night (after several rounds of guilt from your friends). If you do, then you're stuck at some party with masses of drunk morons staggering around and pretending to dance, while the music plays so loud that the only words you can make out are "cool" and "hit."

Fuck that. A single conversation with an intelligent person is a thousand times more stimulating than those parties. Find those people and hang out with them. They'll know where you're coming from.

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