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Originally Posted by Rune @ GSC
GSCentral has thousands upon thousands of codes that GSHI/GH does not have and will never have. The only echo in the scene is GH. If you removed the GSCentral (2007) db as you have been personally asked multiple times over the years, your website would unveiled as the hollow shell that pales in comparison to the hard work that was done at GSCentral.
Wait, what? Hardly anyone even looks at the old BSFree DB; most new members of don't even know it exists, which is the main reason we've been migrating codes from it to our main DB, which is updated regularly with new codes hacked by members and staff. Even after a recent domain name change and the ensuing search engine and indexing issues that occur with such a move, we're still getting more visitors than, which has used the same domain name since 2005 (even earlier?). What's more, we've produced new content in many other forms, including a functional work-in-progress PS2 hacking system (when no one else could), many other game hacking utilities for Windows and Linux, a large library of hacking guides and related documentation, and plenty of other things. We're in no danger of 'dying', as you've speculated many times in the past half-decade or so.
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