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Originally Posted by Lazy Bastard View Post
Hmm...I hate to do follow-up posts, but I think it's really worth mentioning:

Some time after this initial 'flame war', ugetab, a good friend of mine and a great member of our staff, died, in real life, due to an unexpected brain hemorrhage. Rune took this opportunity to laugh about it, and make insulting comments, even as ugetab's mother was speaking to our members on the forums.
Except that ugetab was highly rude to nensondubois and would behave like a general jerk to anyone on the GSHI/GH forums while he was alive. Feel free to contact nensondubois and see how he was treated for 'their' collaboration. I am sure he is still angry that ugetab stole his share of the work.

Originally Posted by Lazy Bastard View Post
Rune would normally just be an annoyance, but given this event and similar ones since then, he is legitimately a bad person, plain and simple. If for any reason my trustworthiness, or that of comes into question, I can also provide copies of these conversations, and just about anyone at, not to mention KW, CMP, and other hacking scene sites (and probably even a few GSC members) could attest to this as well.
Sure, bring in other websites who also do not understand the history of GSCentral or how you have stripped hundreds of code creators of proper credit over the years. Most of the people you could bring into this conversation were/are mostly inactive and were not even managing the GSCentral website or are not aware of how you have screwed over countless people in the scene. Good luck with that.
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