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Wow, your appearance is certainly an interesting surprise.

Since Rune has decided to sully this thread with both his presence and some serious (false) accusations, I suppose I should at least respond to them, for those who are unaware of the situation. (not to be confused with the original, which was under different management and was quite good) and (at the time still known as had a bit of a flame-war some years back. It kicked off when Rune and a few of his underlings began slurping up all codes that hackers created. This continued on without much complaint from us, aside from the occasional snicker that GSCentral had stooped to the new low of just lifting codes from other places, rather than hacking anything of their own.

Then a new thing occurred: Rune began adding codes we'd hacked, but without credit. This angered several of our hackers, including one very talented person named ugetab (who was quite well known for having created many impressive codes, among other things). ugetab called Rune on this, and Rune and another member, nensondubois (who seems to legitimately have a mental disorder) responded by counter-accusing ugetab of having been the real code thief. This soon escalated into a full-scale verbal war, carried out on both sites' forums, as well as a 3rd party forum of sorts (I forget which, but it was related to PS2 hacking and wasn't truly a forum).

Rune and others from, including some remnants from (such as Parasyte and Viper187), sallied forth and leveled their accusations and verbal attacks at members, and we responded in kind, being very straight-forward and factual. Rune, however, remained very child-like about the issue, and resorted to spamming and non-sense replies frequently. After a while, the intelligent members of GSCentral, to include Parasyte, Viper187, Modman, etc, began to notice inconsistencies in Rune's rhetoric.

For example, Rune claimed that he had added codes to his database before we added them to ours...but public timestamps on both sites and forums, including those cached by Google, clearly proved otherwise.

In the middle of this, Rune apparently had a falling out with his staff, which included Parasyte and Viper187, and locked them all out of the forums. Subsequently, the forums were hacked and defaced, probably by former GSCentral members or staff. Rune then shut down the forums, but brought them back up shortly thereafter, and they were hacked again. Most of the former staff left to either join (for example, Parasyte and Viper187 are both currently staff), or to form (Parasyte created this site as a replacement for GSCentral, although most of its member base has since moved to, or other sites).

At some point, former members of staff dumped a copy of the database, stating that it belonged to them and the scene at large, not Rune, and hosted it in several places. One of these places is While we do host a copy of BSFree, as it is called (the code database, without the BS, as it were), we strive to always provide proper code credit therein. Unfortunately, Rune's mangling of the GSCentral database before GSCentral members dumped it caused not only a slew of issues with handling the database itself, but also caused a giant lack of code credit, even in the original version hosted at We've spent countless hours hunting down those authors not mentioned in BSFree, and correcting credit as we could (we continue to do so). Incidentally, BSFree has been slowly integrated with our existing code database, which already contained hundreds of thousands of codes, and this process will be complete with the unveiling of the site revamp. always considers code credit to be of the utmost importance, as the reason for our site's creation in the first place was to facilitate proper credit for hackers' work, which wasn't being done at the time in places like CMGSCCC.

If you'd like additional references to attest to the validity of's 'side of the story', please contact any of the prominent former members of, including Parasyte, Viper187, Modman, james0x57, etc. Also, let me know if you'd like a copy of the first major debate that began this 'rivalry' as I made archival copies of the 3rd-party web pages that contained them.
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