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I think teaming up with is a big mistake. Zophar's Domain should not have to stoop to such a low level. I have known about Lazy Bastard for many, many years and he is just a modern crook. He just hasn't been thrown into jail yet for his misbehaviour. My website, the most current hacking website on the planet (, got hacked into back in 2007. He and his cronies chose to steal and utilize the GSCentral database when the hacked database got leaked by a hacker. He knows that his website would be nothing without it so he renamed it the "BSFree" database and stripped that database of proper code credit to the code creators. The database is the only one who has credited gamers honestly in the scene today. I know he preaches proper code credit but their whole crew are sneaky and devious. I highly recommend not associating with them for those reasons amongst others. Plus, the fact that their website is thousands of codes out of date and that their staff is incapable of adding codes for numerous sections.

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