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Originally Posted by SMASUser View Post
Yes, but playing as Mario is much harder that playing in the original game for the NES.
But I like this.
That's because Mario's physics are off. Basically you can see this by going to 1-2 and getting on top of the |_|---|_| blocks and trying to make it to the roof. It just doesn't work, the running speed doesn't increase his jump enough.

Actually there are a number of improvement they could make. The "coin heaven" areas should play a separate theme to water levels. Mega Man's should be able to rapid fire, and fire power should do more damage. Link should be able swim.

Also there should be more variety in the music as a whole. Wouldn't it be better if each Castle played a different Wily Castle stage for Mega Man. You've also got to think NSF version of SNES tunes would work better for some levels. Samus underwater should be Meridia's Theme and Link's cave should LttP's Cave Theme.

They're mostly minor quibbles though, it's other wise a very good replica. Although Bill is over powered and for some reason level 2-3 is an evil pain(who's idea was it that jumping cheep-cheeps had more than one HP, they don't seem move the same either so you run into them more)
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