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Default Re: "Do you believe in miracles? YES!"

> i still don't understand why you're wasting time and money
> learning how to program from a "professor".
> my friend who is in college showed me his code, that the
> prof reviewed, and it was absolutely grotesque. it had NO
> place in a production environment. tons of files, spaghetti
> code, etc....syntactically correct...but damn.
> 1) copy other people's code and modify it
> 2) within a week, you'll have your own style
> 3) you know how to program

1. I didn't take this class to learn programming. I took it because it's actually technically considered a math class, and since I will be majoring in math and I've only taken 2 math classes before this, my 4th semester, I figured I should take as many as I can to catch up. I really didn't know what to expect going into this class because I had seen the titles of "Mathematic programming" and "Scientific programming" when they shoulda just called it Java.

2. I'm in community college, so if I'm gonna waste money learning it, it best be now. I'm wasting a whole $33 + the cost of the book, which I find a good resource anyways. I've wasted more money in 1 trip to the Indian reservation/casinos.

3. Despite that low cost, I even get $2000 of Financial Aid per year...the only money I'm really dishing out is maybe gas money, but even after about $350 a year on unit cost and $500-700 on books, I probably am reimbursed for my gas too. Financial Aid fuckin rules.

You are right though. I probably wouldn't outright take a programming class just to take it, especially not after I transfer to SDSU and it's like almost $100 per unit. Even still, taking this Java class isn't nearly as pointless as someone taking an HTML class. Even people with no HTML knowledge can make damn spiffy webpages with the programs that are out the very worst you can spend time looking at the code for the cool shit and learning it outside a class.

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