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Originally Posted by mushroom blue View Post
Lawrence Lessig had a wonderful TED Talk on exactly this subject. the synopsis is that my generation and your generation (and all successive generations) have been taught that they are going to break the law on a day-to-day basis. we do it with movies, music, television, video games, drugs, jaywalking, peeing in public, etc. it's one of the first signs of corporate facism. at least Portugal and Quebec have a reasonably fair version of benevolent facism implemented, where the only time it gets in your way is when you break one of the few laws. the facism in America seems to be run by those with the most money, at the cost of everyone else. laws are made to ensure revenue for a few, rather than ensure liberty for the many.

just remember: in a fully free-market, there are no copyright restrictions.
The music industry claimed that it would die if the market allowed cassette recorders on the market. Did it happen? No

The TV stations once claimed that the BETA Max and VHS would kill TV if they were allowed to be on the market. Did it happen? No

Same shit was claimed about CD burner, DVD burners, MP3 players, etc...

Fact is, even old shit like News Papers, comic books and the Radio are still alive today, a form of media is just too hard to kill.
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