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We're not PlanetEmu. We're speaking about ZD here in case you didn't notice. Stop giving examples of other sites, or are you going to turn into a Serial killer as I've wrote in a previous post? You registered and 90% of your posts have been in this thread. Why the hell do want ZD to host roms so much? Go download them at PlanetEmu ffs.
Again, you're missing the point. I couldn't care less if Zophar hosts ROMs or not, what I care is that you're still making it as bad as people did back in 1998. Things have change since then and even if Zophar doesn't host ROMs, it doesn't mean that it should compare the ROM scene to the same level as people who download NDS, PSP, Wii, PS3 and XBOX360 games. In case you weren't aware of it, the emulation scene kind of made a rule of thumb about 5 or 6 years ago that it wouldn't distribute games from systems that were still on the market and that it wouldn't host any games that were less than 4 years old. Many ROM sites follow this rule and I think it's quite honorable of them to do so.

Dude, tell me, where I have said that I didn't pirate, nor that I didn't have illegal ROMs... I was saying that I was against ZD distributing ROMs!
Hmm, let's see, does this sound familiar:
I'm done discussing this. I already made my point. You made yours. Do what you want to do. As if I fuckin care. ROM Kiddiez will always be ROM Kiddiez.
So either you called yourself a ROM Kiddy or Rule 45 made you spilled your guts

The following statement is a joke. ->
Also, I'll leave leaving a question in the air. I got a copy of No$GBA 2.6a (note, I don't use Windows/Wine in either way so I can't really use it), should I upload it? Maybe even make a newspost about it?<- Do not take the last statement seriously.
Knock yourself out, it's kind of crappy anyway, don't think many people would want to use it.

....but you are missing the fact that this is not relevant. It is still illegal. If you pirate, or not, you're fooling yourself if you think it's legal.
And I think you're missing some reading comprehension skills. Where did I ever mention that ROMs were legal? Only thing I stated is that there are different levels of piracy and that old school emulation falls into the bottom. If it wasn't, all of these ROM sites that have been around for years would be gone by now just like the ones that distribute current generation games.
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