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Originally Posted by the_importer View Post
Couple of things:

1- PlanetEmu and other sites aren't still Online because they haven't been caught, they're still Online because game companies don't give two fucks as long as they keep it old school (I'm sure that any of those sites start hosting NDS ROMs, they'll be shut down).
We're not PlanetEmu. We're speaking about ZD here in case you didn't notice. Stop giving examples of other sites, or are you going to turn into a Serial killer as I've wrote in a previous post? You registered and 90% of your posts have been in this thread. Why the hell do want ZD to host roms so much? Go download them at PlanetEmu ffs.

Originally Posted by the_importer View Post
2- Rule 45
Anyone on the Internet going on record stating that they are against a form of piracy are pirates themselves.


These people could be defined as hypocrites for judging people on doing something that they do themselves. The only explanation of this behavior would be fear of getting caught or fear of judgment.
Dude, tell me, where I have said that I didn't pirate, nor that I didn't have illegal ROMs... I was saying that I was against ZD distributing ROMs!

Example: I'm also against running a stripping club here where I live. But I wouldn't mind going to one.

Also, thanks for the clarification. I didn't think of searching Urbandictionary.

Originally Posted by SparroHawc View Post
Ahh, clarification! Thanks for defining the rule. (But why 45?)

It's getting a little off the topic, though - the question isn't whether or not Xeon3D has illegal roms, but whether or not Zophar's Domain should host illegal material.
Yes, it seems it's turning to a personal attack.
Originally Posted by SparroHawc View Post
I'm viewing it in my previous comment as a question of risk. ROMs themselves are high-risk; music rips are low-risk. They aren't no-risk, I will admit, and if they disappear I wouldn't cry about it. I'd miss them, but I wouldn't be heartbroken. The only legality issue in regards to the music isn't 'can we legally host these files?' because as Xeon pointed out, the definitive answer is no, it isn't legal. Instead, the question is 'will anyone get upset at us for hosting these files?' So far the answer seems to be no, but there is always the possibility this will change, and it isn't the sort of thing the ZD administrators should fight for as it isn't the main focus of the site.
Note: The main focus of the site was to be an Emulation Archive. And I really can't fit commercial roms distribution into the definition of Emulation Archive.

Originally Posted by Rattlehead View Post
Same ol' song and dance, every post.
True.. True...

Originally Posted by cipher View Post
The only exemption this clause provides for is when circumventing copy protection systems to access materials for archival purposes. This has absolutely nothing to do with distributing copyrighted materials, which is illegal no matter how you slice it.

Cartridge-era games didn't even implement any 'copy protection systems' to be circumvented, so the whole point might be moot, but corporations can spin anything into gold if they try hard enough, so who knows.

AFAIK, it has never been illegal to create a backup of ROM data from a game cartridge.
Nope, as long as you did it yourself with your own tools for a game you own. It's called a backup copy, like you can make of a music CD.

Also, I'm gonna stop posting in this thread. It's not the first one that I've seen about this, nor it'll be the last. There will always be two opinions and none of the sides are willing to give up. I've made my point here and a few agreed with (at least most of) it, so I'm happy. ZD is still "hosting" commercial roms. That decision wasn't mine nor did I condone it. I wouldn't give a flying .... if X, Y or Z started distributing roms. I download some myself. I can't (or couldn't) see ZD distributing them. My problem is just that.

Watching a site that was once one of if not the most popular website about emulation in the true meaning of the word, which had a no-piracy rule and for which I was proud of being a part of, now getting mixed with the ROM sharing sites.

The following statement is a joke. ->
Also, I'll leave leaving a question in the air. I got a copy of No$GBA 2.6a (note, I don't use Windows/Wine in either way so I can't really use it), should I upload it? Maybe even make a newspost about it?<- Do not take the last statement seriously.

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