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Ahh, clarification! Thanks for defining the rule. (But why 45?)

It's getting a little off the topic, though - the question isn't whether or not Xeon3D has illegal roms, but whether or not Zophar's Domain should host illegal material.

I'm viewing it in my previous comment as a question of risk. ROMs themselves are high-risk; music rips are low-risk. They aren't no-risk, I will admit, and if they disappear I wouldn't cry about it. I'd miss them, but I wouldn't be heartbroken. The only legality issue in regards to the music isn't 'can we legally host these files?' because as Xeon pointed out, the definitive answer is no, it isn't legal. Instead, the question is 'will anyone get upset at us for hosting these files?' So far the answer seems to be no, but there is always the possibility this will change, and it isn't the sort of thing the ZD administrators should fight for as it isn't the main focus of the site.
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