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Couple of things:

1- PlanetEmu and other sites aren't still Online because they haven't been caught, they're still Online because game companies don't give two fucks as long as they keep it old school (I'm sure that any of those sites start hosting NDS ROMs, they'll be shut down).

2- Rule 45
Anyone on the Internet going on record stating that they are against a form of piracy are pirates themselves.

If you're on the Internet and know about piracy, odds are that you do it in some way, shape or form such has illegal: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Softwares, PC Games, Console Games, ROMs, Operating Systems, etc...

These people could be defined as hypocrites for judging people on doing something that they do themselves. The only explanation of this behavior would be fear of getting caught or fear of judgment.

-Nintendo_Fanguy0007: Downloading Wii games is a crime, you shouldn't be doing this!!! They'll catch you and throw your ass in jail......

-Common_Sense_Guy8080: Rule 45 man!!! You're probably typing this on your PC with a cracked copy of Windows XP, listening to music downloaded via Lime Wire and watching bootlegged movies on your TV that you got via Bitorrent.
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