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Originally Posted by Cornellius View Post
The thing is that, roms are legal for those who owns the real cartridge. My copy of Zelda - A link to the past broke (can't save my game anymore, battery is messed up), so emulating it is the only way I'm able to play it. The problem is that nobody respect that rule.
Simply because there's no way they can actually verify if you own the actual cartridge or not. Unless they (police, or who ever) pay you a visit, but that just costs too much for them old games. It's more lucrative to go after the ones sharing Wii/DS/PS3/PSP/XBox360 games.

Over at CoolROM we received some complaint from once that we had ESA protected ROMs up for download. They never mentioned any of the other ROMs, just the protected IPs. We took those down and that was it, the ESA never bothered us again.

So yes, if you stick to the "rules" you can host ROMs just fine. Once you got protected IPs (Super Mario Bros. for instance) up for download you can expect the ESA knocking on your door sooner or later.
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