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Originally Posted by the_importer View Post
Actually, PlanetEmu is European French and if there's one place that's even more of a bitch than America when it comes to piracy, it's Western Europe. So if they can get away with it, anyone can.
I wonder where you got that from. I'm from Holland and we can download movies and music as much as we desire. And it's actually legal too because we pay a fee on blank media.

One movie can get you 250k fine in the USA, same for music. Or three years in jail. No way we have such stupid sentences here to serve them dumbass companies.

France and England can be pretty harsh on downloading music and movies. They don't care much about them old games though, their police got better things to do than busting some ROMsites.

Originally Posted by the_importer View Post

Off-topic: I won't apologize for double posting since I can't edit my own posts >_>

I can edit my posts to my hearts content so I'm wondering why you can't.
If you can see it and you can touch it, it's real.
If you can't see it, but you can touch it, it's transparant.
If you can see it, but you can't touch it, it's virtual.
If you can't see it and you can't touch it, it's gone!

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