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packardmelan, nice to see someone else with the balls to admit you you admited. I myself have tons of Anime and MP3s and I copy some DVD movies I rent (don't like to waste my time downloading them when it's faster to rent and support my local video store at the same time).

As for softwares, well I'm pro Freewares (yay SourceForge) and I got like 5 license of XP given to me by clients who didn't want them anymore because they went Vista (suckers ).

For games, well I don't play PC games but I do still play consoles games and I have like 12 Wii games, 12 GameCube games and 11 NDS games, all legally purchased.

And of course, I have my ROMs and PSX ISOs

Originally Posted by Umiliphus
I never knew there were serious roms here. How about that.

Regardless of whether both are illegal, it has been my observation that game roms are a bigger liability to a website than game music files, though there are better sites for both of those (this one still favors the GYM format over vgz, for meep's sake), so neither need be a priority (disregard the fact that after all these years I have most of the stuff I want). Also, it is worth mentioning that the mentioned "planetemu" site is in French. It doesn't seem like that would make a difference, but it often appears to me that English sites are easier or more obvious targets. Emu-russia also still works.
Actually, PlanetEmu is European French and if there's one place that's even more of a bitch than America when it comes to piracy, it's Western Europe. So if they can get away with it, anyone can.

Off-topic: I won't apologize for double posting since I can't edit my own posts >_>
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