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Okay... this thread's going along, but it seems to be getting a little heated. I'd like to give a little bit more of my opinion on things, if it's okay.

I am a member of "Generation Y". And I'm a pirate. This appears to be a culture that is quickly becoming mainstream, especially in America. You can get anything from the media in some bootleg way. Movies on DVD while they're in theater. Non-DRM MP3s from torrent files. Chiptunes. Video games ROMs. ISOs.

And it's a moral dilemma. I 'support' movies and video game companies and the like as I can afford to. I'll see a movie in theaters if possible, but even if I can't, I'll download a rip and watch the thing -- if I like it, I buy the DVD upon release. Often "the special edition", which costs more. But sometimes... I just keep the pirated copy until I lose interest. Then it doesn't matter.

I download MP3s... mostly Japanese stuff that isn't offered in American stores. But I've pirated whole CDs, too. Sometimes to replace CDs from my collection that were scratched or stolen in the past - sometimes because I just want to get a song or two.

I've also bought off Amazon and iTunes, though.

I've listened to Chip Tunes like NSFs, but honestly? I'd rather listen to tracks off OCRemix. I'm honestly not sure what the legality of those are - but they seem more interesting and less outright piracy.

I download ROMs. I bought an R4 so I could pirate NDS games. Yet I still go out and buy games. It's not always a "try before you buy" mentality - sometimes I just don't feel a game is worth the price being asked. So I'll buy used... but also pirate games.

I'm a result of modern culture. I feel "entitled" to these downloads, but I also have a moral obligation to support these companies and to buy their products. I have more Wii games than I ever bought GC games, for instance... but instead of buying Rock Band, I'm using Frets on Fire and downloaded a torrent of ripped Rock Band tracks.

It's shady. I'm actually doing better now, buying games and music and movies -- but I'm not completely "legit" either. There's an ambiguity there, and a confusion. Nothing's quite defined. I firmly believe in BUYING. CONSUMING. But I pirate like anyone else does.

That said, was about the community. It was about the culture. But it was also 'clean' in the sense that we were here to talk to one another -- yes, about emulation and games -- but also about our lives. It wasn't a center for trading roms or conducting questionable activities. (Other than, you know, Diaries posts about underaged drinking and crap.)

It was really a turn -- for the worst, in my opinion -- when "Zophar's ROMS Domain" opened up.
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