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My answer to the music archives question is simply "F*ck them". I don't really give a crap about them. If those disappeared I wouldn't even notice. They are to me the same as commercial roms.

Oh, and since when is a person not be able to have a little bit of nostalgia? Not that I'm living in the past, but I'm sticking to my ideals.
And yet, you would want to get rid of the music archives? How can you be pro for nostalgia and not be pro for the music archives? That's also are part of the Zophar history. That's 2 contradictions so far, let's not go for 3

In the defense of the music archives, there really isn't any marketability for old 8-bit/16-bit tunes. Sure, it's copyrighted material, but so is a photograph of the Mona Lisa. That doesn't mean someone's going to come after you for making a photocopy of the photograph. It has no real value to the creator.
And Nintendo wouldn't go after Zophar for hosting old school ROMs for the same reason that they never went after the site for hosting Nintendo music. Like I said before:

-Copyright is copyright, but there are different levels

-Again, has been hosting ROMs for the past 7 years and no big video game companies as EVER asked them to remove ROMs. I say big because some smaller ones such as the Bitmap Brothers did ask them to remove their old games once and Planetemu complied.
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