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Originally Posted by tduyduc View Post
I've explained before. The quality of video game music is low. I think you (Reaper man & Richter X) didn't listen to the entire song before criticizing.
Well I don't know about them, but I certainly didn't (I did make it nearly halfway, but now my head hurts). 43 minutes in one chunk? Perhaps if you broke it up into more manageable pieces, you could encode at a higher bitrate and get more people to actually listen to it all.
Originally Posted by tduyduc View Post
Just download the original soundtrack (from Chapel of Resonance) and listen.
I haven't done this because I honestly have no clue what I'm even looking for. What was this even based on? I don't play many Castlevania games so none of it sounds especially familiar and I'm not listening through the entire NES collection.
Originally Posted by tduyduc View Post
The quality is low, just like the mixed song, although the bit rate is high.
The main thing is whether it is good.
Without having anything to compare it to, it's hard to say. 43 minutes is way too long though (try to split it into parts of 15 minutes at most) and even without Shizuku's badass-quality 2.1 speakers (I'm on Chihiro's crappy-quality 2.0 speakers) it still sounds muffled and awful to my ears.

You say the beat is the only part affected, but I don't buy that. No matter how 'low-quality' you think the original is, a 48Kbps MP3 is incapable of reproducing anything with any serious degree of faithfulness, even an old NES soundtrack. So if you want to prove your point, try a five minute sample from the start of the first track at 192Kbps so we can actually hear what that sounds like. I know for sure that won't go above 50MB.
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