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Originally Posted by The Drunken Hacker View Post
Well, if your SMILE editor can't render PAL then perhaps you could use someone else's SMILE editor. And while you're at it, ask them if you can borrow a dictionary so that you can look up the meaning of the word render. If you're feeling really brave, maybe even dig up a document on ROM the US and Japan (ie. the primary video game producing / consuming countries) while P runs at 50hz and is the standard used by all of Europe version of the game instead of the European version.

The reason SMILE doesn't support PAL is most likely because the data is stored differently than in the NTSC version of the game and the author didn't feel like documenting those differences and adding in support for them to his code.

The is because you're not a hacker. And you never will be. You don't even seem capable of becoming a piss poor script kiddy.
I hack psp's not snes roms, I will have you know I extracted my rom from a cartrige, I'm German using an American made product, this is my first computer I have ever worked, and I have trouble spelling using the English language. Indont uderstand why when I ask for help Im made fun of or 'bullied' I'm frikkn German who wants to learn more about you, you people I kind of looked up to, now you treat me like crp, I hope someone can answer kindly other words this 'domain' is more like a cat pertch ( in Germany thatvmeens a shthole) or maybbit is just the forum. Anywhobyour answer kind of helped me, but ubguys keep repeating eachother without a quality Answer!
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