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Default Emulators Organizer v1.0

Emulators Organizer is powerful tool to organize multiple classic games,like sega mega drive game or snes... in your pc, you can also enable you to play them even: move,add,delete,edit and rename them. For,Windows XP,Windows 98 ,Windows 2000,Windows Millennium. Writen in (c#) in dot net2. You can also build a music library or books library in just a minute
  • Emulators Organizer can easily add,delete,move emulator's rom.
  • Emulators Organizer can containe unlimited rom and emulator.
  • Emulators Organizerfast and easy to use.
  • Emulators Organizer support alot of emulator that accepts command line argument.
  • save collections of rom and emulator
  • check for existing rom at start up.
  • edit selected rom.
  • load text and image to selected rom.
  • Automaticly add rom and theire image and emulator.
  • delete rom from hard disk or move it to temp folder.
  • you can create a collections of rom contained with different emulator
  • you can specify extention for selected emulator and command line.
  • accept command line.
  • search for any rom.
  • adding roms to an existing emulater.
  • rename any rom and save that.
  • Can be fit on a cd or dvd

Please visit : for downloads, news ....

Download it at Zophar's Domain here as well.

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