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Default i need a PR rep

i have to act professional on this board because i run a store?


everything i say is always taken out of context...they're expecting me to be some know-it-all philospher who does no wrong...


1) i swear
2) i lie
3) i cheat
4) i have premarital sex
5) i eat junk food
6) i hate my sibling

i do all the stuff YOU do as well. i'm a 20 year old who is just your average joe.

someone isn't going to buy from the store because i called some ignorant little twit outsourced tech support people named stereotypical mid-eastern names "osama children"? well, christ. you better leave the fucking country because george bush's kid is a drunk. you better NEVER buy from walmart because sam walton conducted shady business deals 30 years ago. you better boycott microsoft because gates got a lot of speeding tickets when he was younger. you need to cease all support of apple products because steve yells and talks shit to his employees.

christ...go to hell. i can't even be "real" on here anymore...i have to be some fake "i love you guys! thanks again!" piece of shit businessman who kisses ass to get sales.

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