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If you can manage 82 hours of gameplay in only 48 hours of actual time, I would think you could just send your save state through your wormhole and have it come out in the proper format.

Edit: Also, you're all officially idiots. I just started up a game of Pokemon Blue (US version) in VBA-M, saved the game, loaded the ROM up in TGB Dual and loaded my save game just fine. Then I moved around a bit, saved the game in TGB Dual, loaded the ROM up in VBA-M and, once again, the save file loaded just fine.

I didn't have to do any reloading or renaming or anything else, I simply copied my save file from my VBA-M save directory to my TGB Dual save directory. I'm using VBA-M v1.8.0 (SVN945) and TGB Dual vol.8. Make sure you're using the battery save (the .sav file) and not an emulator generated save state (.sgm in VBA-M, no idea what it is in TGB since I'm using a version with non-English menus.)

If you still can't load your save game between the two emulators, you're probably too stupid to play Pokemon. And if you're too stupid to play Pokemon, then we remind your caretaker that they're paid to wipe the drool off of your chin and keep you from sticking your finger in the electrical outlet, not to post messages on the Internet on your behalf.

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