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I understand Decimus's problem very very well because I'm facing exactly the same problem:

I have been using VBA all the while for the game and up until yesterday i decided to use the trading feature, it turns out that I have to use TGB dual to do trading and I'm currently figuring out how to make TGB_dual read VBA save files, I read somewhere when I google.. something like renaming the .sv0 (or .sv1 .sv2 etc.) files to .sa0 (.sa1 etc.) that TGB_dual can read.. but it turns grey when I try to load this renamed save files..

For your information Im on pokemon silver.. I have been playing for only 2 days.. but its 82 hours of game play record in the game.. cant afford to lose it man...... cuz I caught Lugia Hu-Oh and all 3 legendary dogs.. now having hardcore training to defeat Red then look for mewtwo

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