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Default Flying Warriors - NES - Controller glitch?

Just curious, does anyone know of any known emulation bugs with the controls for Flying Warriors for NES?

I'm running Vista x64 with DirectX 11. I've tried a few emulators (FCEUX, Nestopia and Nintendulator) two different controllers using Direct Input (a Sidewinder USB 1.0 and a Logitec Dual Action) AND a keyboard. All three emulators and both controllers exhibit the issues.

There's a lot of trouble doing anything that requires several buttons be pushed, most notably if one of the buttons is the up or down button. This is a very primitive fighting game, so being able to press multiple buttons is key.

I'm wondering if the issue is the game itself... maybe it knows it's being emulated, or maybe the controls are just poorly coded. I feel like I plated this game successfully only an emulator years ago, and wonder if the issue is the "more accurate" emulation on current emulators.
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