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The cartoon channels have gone downhill a lot for me in Britain too. CNX was brilliant, but then became Toonami, went downhill very slowly and very painfully (with increasing amounts of Pokemon), then died with a rebranding and some extremely shitty live-action shows. It's now become CN Too. AnimeCentral was great for a while, but shut down last year. Also, Adult Swim was syndicated as a strand on Bravo a while back, but seems to have vanished. I get all of my animation online these days, which has improved quality a lot.

Also, out of the list above, I generally agree one the ones that I've seen. Though out of the 'good' list, I've only seen the Big O and Cowboy Bebop. The latter is, of course, fantastic. But the Big O is mixed, I'd give the first season an 8/10 and the second a 6/10. It really fell apart in the second season.
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