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Since CN lost Futurama I almost never watch that channel anymore; all of the completely idiotic shows that are on just aren't worth the effort of operating the remote. Though I watch very little TV at all these days. All of these shitty "I Wanna Be Paris Hilton's Best Friend" reality shows are just awful, and it seems like that's all networks have put out recently. When I do watch TV, I often watch the History/Discovery/Science/National Geographic channels, but even that's becoming a struggle; they have to put all of their production efforts into documentaries that explain basic scientific and archaeological concepts because of "historical" fiction like 10,000BC that takes advantage of people's already skewed historical perceptions and further bastardizes them. They also try to present "new and exciting" theories in these documentaries that 'intrigue' the public and present them as fact (such as Native Americans coming from Europe) when the evidence is weak and largely rejected by scientific communities.

Speaking of, I once applauded the movie Ice Age for its presentation of an historical event and perhaps the first fair and realistic presentation of Neanderthals in cinematic history... Now we've got Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Yep, that's really gonna help with some 50% of Americans already believing that humans and dinosaurs coexisted within the past 10,000 years...

Sorry, got into a bit of a rant there.
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