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Originally Posted by Isildur View Post
There seems to be a push to ruin every niche cable channel, out of a desire to appeal to a wider audience. Remember when MTV was actually music television? (Yeah, it's been a while.) And, now you've got "SyFy" (renamed from SciFi because they essentially don't want to be a science fiction channel anymore) getting wrestling and ghost hunting, CN getting reality show crap, etc.

The execs keep seeing the so-called wider audience as some giant pot of gold there for the taking with no negative repurcussions, when in fact the reason people watch those channels is to see stuff they don't see elsewhere.

Exactly right. I see some douche with a beard and long hair looking like he belongs in a heavy metal band doing daytime promo's for the new cartoon network lineup at 2 in the afternoon when only very young children are watching and wonder who thought this was a smart idea.

Some of these shows are good but don't belong on cartoon network but on Nickelodean or Disney instead. I think pursuit of the almightly dollar/rating is going to have the opposite effect like it did with the housing market by selling to everyone instead of who they should be selling to and it like the housing market is going to crash hard when the viewers just get sick of the crap.
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