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Originally Posted by Iconoclast View Post
"- Delete the news posters who aren't posting news."
Hey hey what the hell is this? I'm not posting news because there's no true emulator updates for the N64. Instead I'm uploading USF soundtracks as HCS adds them around every week or more, and I fixed the N64 emulators section, added some plugins and utilities, etcetera. I can't be that useless. Now there are definitely some potential news articles for the N64, but topics like "Project64 may be coming back to life" just ain't it. silly oxen glueing their eyes on screen disregarding facts
I'm not talking only about you. In fact, when I made this post, I wasn't thinking about you at all. There's some people who did not post anything. Not a single word from them. I know that the Nintendo 64 scene isn't as active as it used to be, but like it has been said, don't limit yourself to that section or to emulators. You can post any cool things that have to do with the Nintendo 64. You can also ask to maintain another section if you want to.

This post was mainly about the ones who never posted a word, who are here only "for the title".

How about anyone staffer could post any news about any section on a private forum (available only to staffers), and then, have a person or two write them on the main page. I'm suggesting this if someone was tired of doing one particular section, or if the section one's maintaining isn't very active at the moment.

It's just that we re-created Zophar in order to keep it alive. In the 1996-2000 era, Zophar's Domain was far more active, but then, so were the emulators.

As for the staff list, where did you find that link ? Edman should make it available on the main page. If it's already there, it's well hidden.
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