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Default Looking for FF5 Job/Ability information...

Hi guys. I always hated the "Dash" ability in FF5 (and the Sprint Shoes in FF6) - why should the player have to learn this, and then spend an ability slot on it? So, what I'd like to do is make Dash always available, by whichever means are easiest.

In FF6, I simply made every piece of equipment (including the "nothing") set the "moves at double speed" bit in order to eliminate the need for Sprint Shoes, and now the mapman always moves at double speed by default. I should be able to accomplish the same thing in FF5 by making "Dash" a passive/inate ability for every class (including Default), but I don't have any information on where the class and ability data is located in the ROM. I figured I'd ask here before tracking it down myself, just in case someone else has the data sitting in a text file somewhere on their harddrive or something.
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