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Default Re: Hanjuku Hero SNES DTE hack.

> From a hacking perspective, sure! Go for it! I'll be
> available in the fall (but not over the summer...) if you
> have any lingering questions or issues, but given that
> you've already implemented DTE into the game, I don't think
> you'll have -too- much trouble.

Thanks for the kind words. One thing I would like to ask, is if it's generally safe to use space that's all "0x00" or "0xFF" but isn't at the end of the bank? For instance, the game seems to have vast sections where there's a block of data, after which it's all "0xFF" or "0x00". I hacked a hard-coded pointer to one of the main menus so that I could get the text into another area, as it was sandwiched between two other blocks of data with no room to spare. The area I put it in was all "0x00" which seems safe to me, because it's all "0x00" but am I being too presumptuous? It seems that most of the blank data ends at a nice even number like 7E00...<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by JadussD on 06/17/05 03:19 PM.</FONT></P>
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