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Default "B" Movies.

Admit it.
At one time or another, you find a useless, poor plot driven, weak movie...that you love.
I'm guilty. Anyone who likes 8 Legged Freaks is guilty.
But here are some that you youngsters haven't seen:

Zorro, The Gay Blade - Hey, this is one of the funniest spoofs I've ever seen. George Hamilton (yeah, the guy who is so tan he looks like a piece of luggage) plays two roles in this- one of Zorro and the other of his cousin, who, not only being identical is a, um, 'swishbuckler'. I't a lot of fun.

Defiance - This is a 78 film with Jan Micheal-Vincent as a merchant marine waiting out a suspension on his union status. He moves into a neighborhood Charles Bronson wouldn't. He, in my opinion, in this movie, shows up pretty badass. Ending kicks ass.

Transylvania 6-500 - God, one of the first goofs on horror flicks ever. Jeff Goldblum rocks in the movie, as does Ed Begley Jr. and Joesph Bologna. John Byner is funny,Carol Kane is as is Micheal Richards (Kramer from Seinfeld)
The movie's just a laugh riot.

Finally, a little gem I found just this week...

Peacekeeper - Dolph Lundgren, Louis Gosset Jr., Roy Scheider
Lundgren actually holds his own in this one. Neat story line, lots of suspenseful moments and a wayyyy more than satisfying ending.

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