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I realized what was the problem with the zooming on full screen.

I had changed the DPI Scaling Size on my windows from the default 100% to 130%.

I did this because i find it's too hard to read the small characters on the screen on my 20in monitor with its 1600 x 900 pixels.

So, everytime i tried to go full screen with one of these emulators, the image become 30% bigger than it should.

I also noticed i can actually get 4:3 format on full screen as well. Maybe i was mistaken thinking the image was stretched because of the zooming.

Back to the DPI, this is quite annoying because i can't go back to the default 100%, and i would have to change it everytime i decide to load a genesis game on my computer.

Other emulators, including the Exodus one don't have such a problem. The DPI scaling is a feature that Microsoft included on Windows 8 for the first time, i think. With windows 10, they decided to maintain it. Since all these emulators were developed during the windows XP/7 age, such problem could not be foreseen, i guess.

I still can't figure it out the error message on Kega. I just remember that i get this error since i installed windows 8, three years ago. Now with the windows 10, the problem persists.

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