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Exclamation Genesis Emulators and full screen issue on Windows 10. Help


I can't get proper full screen gameplay with genesis emulators on windows 10 x64.

Whenever i press alt tab, the screen will stretch to fit my widescreen monitor, and will never maintain the 4:3 format, no matter what option i set on configurations.

In fact this is not the main problem. My major concern is that the image, once on full screen, is zoomed! I can't get to see the whole picture.

I can get perfect gameplay on windowed mode, but this is not what i am looking for.

I already tested the latest versions of the following emulators:

Kega Fusion (3.64)
Gens32 (2.14)
Gens32Surreal (1.9 std)
Regen (0.97)

Like i said, i tried different configurations, but none of them worked for me.

My VGA is Radeon HD 7750. I am using the latest drivers. Windows 10 x64 pro with all the updates.

Other emulators like Higan, Dolphin, Demul and Mupen 64 Plus work flawlessly (had problems going full screen with N64, but i already fixed it).

It seems that these emulators are completely abandoned, which is somewhat sad.

Does anyone else have this problem as well? What i can do to get proper genesis emulation on my OS? Any alternatives?

Some of these emulators don't have an official forum anymore or they are abandoned as well.


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